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The National Sportsmanship Foundation

Sportsmanship Delivered

Solomon-Alexander-250pxSportsmanship Delivered is a powerful, thought-provoking presentation that motivates athletes, parents and coaches to create a positive youth sports experience for themselves and others.  The program focuses on helping St. Louis area schools, youth leagues and other non-profit organizations incorporate the principles of sportsmanship into their own sports programs.  Negative incidents involving athletes, coaches, parents, officials and fans have had an undesirable impact on youth sports.  Approximately 70% of children quit sports by age 13 because adults have made the experience less fun for them.  Sportsmanship Delivered features live speaking presentations by St. Louis Sports Commission Foundation Director Solomon Alexander.

Solomon has created presentations specific to athletes, coaches and parents – providing the motivation and information each group needs.  Youth sports provide a number of positive benefits for kids.  While the athletes themselves reap most of the direct physical benefit, parents and coaches have invaluable roles in helping them develop the intangible benefits of sportsmanship, character and fair play.  Each presentation asks a central question to the audience with the objective of finding answers that will help all achieve greater success.

Athletes: Why do you participate in sports?2013 Coach It Right Baseball Clinic 17
Coaches: Why do you coach youth sports?
Parents: Why do you allow your kids to participate in sports?

Sportsmanship Delivered is free-of-charge to any St. Louis area youth sports organization.  For booking information, please email Solomon at or call 314-345-5130.


Solomon Alexander is the foundation director with the St. Louis Sports Commission.  He manages the programming, events, and the grant-based funding of the Sports Commission’s 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate organization.  The mission of the Sports Commission’s Foundation is to create more positive environments for kids to play sports so they will remain active and lead healthier, happier lives. Sportsmanship is the concept that drives this mission.  According to a Michigan State University, the primary reason kids participate in sports is to have fun. Practicing good sportsmanship ensures a fun and more enjoyable experience for kids; which motivates them to continue playing sports. 

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