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About the Brigade

The Sportsmanship Brigade exists to highlight acts of good sportsmanship by those involved in youth sports.  The goal of the program is to reinforce the importance of sportsmanship and spotlight young athletes, coaches and parents who do the right thing at the right time.  By recognizing their class and character, the Sportsmanship Brigade brings to light positive examples for others to follow.

A Brigade in the military sense is sent into a hostile environment to engage the enemy and defeat him so others may live peaceful lives.  The same is true of the Sportsmanship Brigade.  In this case, the enemy is unsportsmanlike conduct.  Our volunteers will reward those who stand up to this enemy and defeat it.  The result will be a more peaceful and positive sports environment for all children.

How does this unique program work?  Sportsmanship Brigade volunteers visit local youth and high school athletic contests looking for acts of good sportsmanship.  When volunteers identify an athlete, coach, or parent who commits an act deserving of recognition, that individual will be rewarded at the conclusion of the contest with a Brigade prize which may include a gift card, t-shirt, or other item (valued at $20 or less).

If you would like to get involved in the Sportsmanship Brigade, there are three ways to do so: 

1. You may participate as a volunteer (please note: Sportsmanship Brigade volunteers must be at least 18 years old and submit to a criminal background check).

2. Your organization can serve as a Sportsmanship Brigade host by permitting Brigade volunteers to attend games – and reward acts of good sportsmanship at your facility.

3. You or your company can donate prizes to the Sportsmanship Brigade.  Click on the appropriate link and help improve youth sports today!  

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The St. Louis region is home to hundreds of youth service organizations and schools; thereby giving the Sportsmanship Brigade plenty of work to do.  By participating in the Sportsmanship Brigade, youth organizations and schools have the unique opportunity to effect positive change in the character of their athletes, parents, and coaches.  Participation in the Sportsmanship Brigade program is absolutely free.  However, the Brigade only visits organizations where it has permission.

Youth organization leaders should click here and print the permission form provided.  Complete the form and return by fax to 314-621-1391 or email Once the permission form is received, you will be contacted by the Sports Commission to receive further program details and scheduling information.

Volunteer for the Sportsmanship Brigade

Volunteers are the most important part of the Sportsmanship Brigade.  It takes a great commitment of time to recognize and reward those who practice good sportsmanship.  We thank you in advance for your interest in becoming a Brigade volunteer.  There are a few simple, yet important steps that must be taken before you can participate as a Brigade volunteer:

  • Complete the form below.
  • Submit to a criminal background check (we will contact you with further details).
  • Attend a volunteer training at the St. Louis Sports Commission office.

Donate to the Sportsmanship Brigadehands-in_600x600

Although participation in the Sportsmanship Brigade is free for youth organizations and schools, the cost in both manpower and other resources is still great.  You can help by making a tax-deductible monetary or in-kind donation to the program.  The Sportsmanship Brigade is a program of the St. Louis Sports Foundation, the Sports Commission’s 501(c)(3) charitable affiliate.  Please click here to make a secure monetary donation.  To make an in-kind donation, please view the list of needed items below and send your donation to the following address.  Thank you for your support!  Suggested in-kind donations include:

  • Gift cards and certificates (malls, restaurants, movie theaters, sporting goods, etc.)
  • School supplies
  • Gym bags or backpacks (under $20 in value)

Please include the monetary value of your gift as well.  If you wish to make a donation not listed above, please contact Solomon Alexander at 314-345-5130 or email

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