Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship.

Presented by the Sports Commission Associates.

As part of our effort to promote and encourage sportsmanship in the community, the Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship is presented annually to graduating high school seniors from the St. Louis metro area who embody outstanding sportsmanship. The scholarship recognizes individuals who exemplify honesty, integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness, compassion and class in athletic competition. Candidates are evaluated strictly on their approach, character and respect for others on the playing field. Athletic performance (wins and other stats) does not factor in the selection – making this scholarship truly unique.

Launched in 2009 by the St. Louis Sports Commission Associates – the Sports Commission’s young professionals group – the group raises funds for the program and selects its own recipients. Over the past twelve years, $157,500 in academic scholarships have been awarded to 48 college-bound students.

Apply for a Scholarship. Details Released In January 2022.

Help us celebrate sportsmanship by nominating a deserving student who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and character in athletic competition. Details for 2022 will be available in January. You can also view the bios of past recipients to see the type of attributes and actions the scholarship committee seeks to recognize. For more details, call 314-345-5130 or email

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2021 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Congratulations to our six 2021 recipients! Read their stories below.

Katie Morwick

Valmeyer High School

The Valmeyer High School cross country standout and cheerleading co-captain showed extraordinary class, selflessness and an overall giving attitude toward opponents and teammates. In her scholarship application, Katie wrote, “At every meet, I cheer for the last place runners. Usually, parents and coaches only stick around to see their kids cross the finish line, and it breaks my heart. Others come across the finish line with no encouragement. As a runner, I know people cheering for me as I cross the finish line gives me a final spurt of energy.” Katie’s actions bolstered the reputation of Valmeyer’s cross country program as a whole. Katie’s determination and motivational spirit make everyone feel like a champion.

Tal Dean

Parkway North High School

The Parkway North soccer player is being recognized for his selflessness and kindness. Earlier this year, Tal and another player went up to challenge for a head ball and collided. Both players not only hit each other hard but landed hard. Tal immediately went over and checked to see if the other player was okay and motioned to the referee to signal that the player needed medical attention. Tal sustained a concussion as a result of the collision but thought of the other player before himself. His display of compassion and respect for his opponent will not soon be forgotten by anyone on the field that day.

Hayden Hatley

Northwest High School

The character of the Northwest High School senior was noticed by an official during one of Hayden’s soccer matches. Following the game, the official wrote a note to Hayden’s coach and said, “Not sure if they have more than one captain, since I’ve seen only #2 Hayden Hatley prior to each game, but Hayden is a great captain who leads by example. My fingers are crossed that more schools and teams can display this type of conduct on the field.” Hayden’s overall approach to the game shows a maturity beyond his years.

Emily Mattler

Fox High School

Most athletes share the field or court with their competitors, but in dance competition, teams do not perform in the same space at the same time. Emily didn’t let that impede her idea of sportsmanship, going out of her way to share positive messages with other dance teams. Emily said, “At dance camp my junior year, we made sticky notes with positive messages on them for the other teams. I met a senior from another team that year and admired the way she led her team with confidence, so I decided to write her a sticky note telling her what a great dancer she was and how she inspired me.” Emily’s positive and inclusive attitude toward opponents helps create a more positive experience for everyone.

Josette Partney

Lafayette High School

As a state champion wrestler and first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Josette has the physical tools to hold almost anyone down. However, she used exceptional abilities to lift up and console an opponent and rival during the state wrestling tournament. Josette said, “It was an exciting time for me, but one of my opponents (my number one rival) lost on a bad call in her third-place match. She was extremely upset, so I went and hugged her and consoled her and gave her a really heartfelt pep talk.” Josette continues to make a difference and treats all officials, coaches, and fellow competitors with respect.

Jacob York

Fort Zumwalt East High School

The Fort Zumwalt East basketball player was injured during a game against rival Fort Zumwalt South. While Jacob was disappointed about the injury, he came out of the locker room to meet with a scout. In a display of selflessness, Jacob told the scout about how great it would be if a player from Fort Zumwalt South would become his teammate someday. The player Jacob was talking about was the one who set the screen that dislocated his shoulder. Jacob ignored his pain and lifted someone else up.

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