The first day no one expected

August 24, 2020

I get it. This isn’t the first day of school we planned for our kids. If your child’s school is having in-person classes, you’re worried about building safety and cleanliness. You’re worried about your kids and their classmates following the rules. Sure, they left home with a mask on, but what about two hours from now? Four hours?

If your child’s school has gone virtual, you may be helping with lessons along with teaching your kid how Zoom works. Then there’s Zoom. They had to fix a worldwide outage just as your kindergartner logged on.

Everyone’s frustrated and confused, but necessity is the mother of invention and we all need to reinvent ourselves right now. Most of us aren’t trained educators, yet we need to help teach our kids. We’re the person whose turn it is to coach the fourth grade soccer team. Problem is we’ve never played soccer a day in our lives.

I’m sure saving American education wasn’t in Zoom’s strategic plan, either. COVID has disrupted everything. We have to adapt. It’s time to sink or swim and sinking just isn’t an option.

Today wasn’t the first day we planned, but we did have a first day, with our kids. COVID or no, that’s a blessing.

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