Sportsmanship Scholarship Class of 2018: Imanté Griffin

May 9, 2018

The Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship is presented annually to graduating high school seniors from the St. Louis metro area who embody outstanding sportsmanship.  Administered by the St. Louis Sports Commission Associates – the Sports Commission’s young professionals group – the scholarship recognizes individuals who exemplify honesty, integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness, compassion and class in athletic competition.  Candidates are evaluated strictly on their approach, character and respect for others on the playing field.  Athletic performance (wins and other stats) does not factor in the selection – making the scholarship unique.
The Associates launched the Sportsmanship Scholarship in 2009.  The group raises funds for the program and selects its recipients.  In nine years, the Associates have awarded $92,500 in academic scholarships to 31 college-bound students.  The scholarship program is part of the Sports Commission’s efforts to promote and encourage sportsmanship in the community.
Congratulations the winners of the 2018 Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship – Catherine Arnold, Imanté Griffin, Madelyn Hubbs, Connor Kingsland, and Mary LaBelle. Help us celebrate sportsmanship by nominating a deserving student who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and character in athletic competition. The submission packet and application for next year’s scholarship will be available in January 2019. For more details, call 314-345-5130 or email
Cardinal Ritter College Prep
Imanté Griffin is an excellent football and baseball player, but an even better person. Brandon Gregory, Cardinal Ritter’s head football coach said of his senior captain, “In all my dealings with Imanté, he has shown himself to be a young man of integrity, intelligence, and talent. He has displayed the leadership and work ethic that every coach hopes for from his top players.” Imanté’s track record of sacrifice and selflessness on the field is one to be both admired and modeled. An opposing player was suffering from muscle cramps and had forgotten his receiving gloves. Not only did Imanté give his opponent a bottle of Gatorade, he gave him his extra pair of gloves, too.
Before another game, an opposing receiver, who also happened to be a rival’s best player, needed a ride to the game. Instead of leaving his opponent stranded, Imanté gave him a ride to the game. The young man scored the game-winning touchdown for the rival school. Imanté sometimes endured criticism from teammates for his selfless behavior but Coach Gregory put things in perspective. “These [disagreements] did not stop Imanté from pulling his teammates back together. Imanté has a little brother watching him. Therefore, it is essential for him to set an example for spectators and younger players.” Imanté will continue his education at Mid-America Nazarene University.

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