Sportsmanship Scholarship Class of 2018: Catherine Arnold

May 9, 2018

Catherine Arnold
The Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship is presented annually to graduating high school seniors from the St. Louis metro area who embody outstanding sportsmanship.  Administered by the St. Louis Sports Commission Associates – the Sports Commission’s young professionals group – the scholarship recognizes individuals who exemplify honesty, integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness, compassion and class in athletic competition.  Candidates are evaluated strictly on their approach, character and respect for others on the playing field.  Athletic performance (wins and other stats) does not factor in the selection – making the scholarship unique.
The Associates launched the Sportsmanship Scholarship in 2009.  The group raises funds for the program and selects its recipients.  In nine years, the Associates have awarded $92,500 in academic scholarships to 31 college-bound students.  The scholarship program is part of the Sports Commission’s efforts to promote and encourage sportsmanship in the community.
Congratulations the winners of the 2018 Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship – Catherine Arnold, Imanté Griffin, Madelyn Hubbs, Connor Kingsland, and Mary LaBelle. Help us celebrate sportsmanship by nominating a deserving student who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and character in athletic competition. The submission packet and application for next year’s scholarship will be available in January 2019. For more details, call 314-345-5130 or email
Francis Howell North High School
Catherine Arnold received the top Sportsmanship Scholarship award from the Sports Commission Associates in 2018. The Francis Howell North soccer and volleyball captain will use her $10,000 award to continue her studies at the University of Kansas. Catherine’s selflessness and class were on full display during a soccer game against rival Fort Zumwalt South. A body check from her opponent caused more damage to the Zumwalt South player than it did to Catherine. A clear scoring opportunity presented itself because of the injury to her opponent. However, Catherine could not leave an injured player down. She stopped her dribble, passing up a chance to score, and went to aid the Zumwalt South player who suffered a significant facial injury. Catherine said of the moment, “Without question, her nose was broken, and at that moment, I was no longer a soccer player, I was a human being. I suppose I could have kicked the goal, which would have given our team the lead, but that felt callous and simply wrong. I have never questioned the day I helped an injured human being, not just an opposing player, and I am proud of that moment.”
In addition to that impactful moment, Catherine also put together an outstanding resume of sportsmanship throughout her high school career. Kent Stover, Francis Howell North’s volleyball coach said of Catherine, “She exemplifies the ideal of selflessness both on and off the court by treating team members, other students, staff members and all others with consideration and civility no matter their relationship to her.”

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