Seasons Change

May 27, 2009

Every sport has a season and every season ends. A common respect once existed among sports. As one sport ended, another began. Each sport and its athletes could concentrate on their respective sport and enjoy time in the spotlight. Many sport seasons overlap now. Athletes have to choose the pre-season of one sport over the post-season of another. Some coaches and parents encourage kids to play a single sport year round. Over-specialization has caused the deterioration of several other sports. Coaches within the same programs are recruiting against each other to keep star athletes from playing other sports.

Children are also being diagnosed with more and more overuse injuries. Concentration on one sport has undoubtedley contributed to this phoenomenon. Kids actually become better athletes when they can play multiple sports and practice multiple movement patterns. Exclusion is another unintended consequence of over-specialization. Kids who simply want to play a sport are left out for those who can “fully commit.” Coaches and parents should encourage kids to play multiple sports. If football players participated in track and field, the results would benefit the track team as well as the football team.

Football players must develop a degree of toughness; which is extremely useful in the sport of wrestling. Team sports teach unselfish behavior while individual sports teach personal responsibility. Sports have applications to other sports. There is no need for kid not to experience other sports. Variety also helps kids avoid burnout. A break from a sport, even their favorite sport, lets children come back with a renewed vigor once the new season begins. Encourage kids to try a new sport. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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