Quarantine Journal: 5.2.2020

May 2, 2020

Prince is my favorite musician. Everyone who knows me knows this. People make successful careers out of one extraordinary gift. Prince had several. He was a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, producer, band leader, singer and athlete. I didn’t stutter. See for yourself.


Sirius XM has a channel dedicated to Prince this month and I had it on full-blast during my workout this morning. I did pull-ups in one of my secluded spots. My goal was to do 100 of them. I had never done 100 pull-ups before. At my size and at my age, this was going to be more than a challenge.

I used what’s called the ladder method. I started by doing one pull-up, rest, two pull-ups, rest, three pull-ups, rest. Then, I went back down to two, then one again.The idea is to go up and down the ladder until you hit your goal.

The scene reminded me of when I was a kid. No one really paid me any mind. Traffic went along briskly in both directions on a nearby street. An older man out for a walk waved hello, but that was it. No one forced me to do 100. I could have stopped at any number in between or not done any at all. This was my challenge. It was my choice. 

Prince made great music, but he made great music because he wanted to. He made the music he wanted to make because he enjoyed it and if fans liked it, great. If not, that’s on us. Prince once said criticism of his music says more about the critic than it does about him. 

As I finished pull-up number 100, my upper back and arms were exhausted. My hands were burning with new callouses soon to follow. In between an empty Paisley Park and a busy Alphabet Street, The Kid notched a victory. You can too, even in the Purple Rain. 



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