LeBron shows parents how we should cheer for every kid

July 31, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever cheered for a kid you didn’t create like this:

The two kids involved in this alley-oop are teammates of leBron James, Jr. aka “Bronny,” but he’s not a part of the play at all. The criticism coming from many toward LeBron James in this moment begins by thinking he’s celebrating like that for his son. No, Lebron cheered himself out of his right shoe for somebody else’s kids.

How many of us have sat there with our arms folded, almost in disgust, if one of our kid’s teammates does something well? The sun won’t disappear if another kid gets a little shine. LeBron recognizes that they’re all Bronny’s age and every kid needs support and encouragement, whether they share your DNA or not. How many more strong kids could we build if we went hard for all of them the way Lebron did for his son’s teammates?

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