LeBron James gives a master class in sports parenting

December 19, 2018

LeBron James recently attended a youth basketball game to watch his 11-year-old son, Bryce, play. After the game, the elder James put decades worth of coaching, parenting and wisdom into less than one minute. Watch the video below and learn:

LeBron hit on three key points with Bryce:

1. He immediately lifted up his son’s self-esteem by telling him not to be so hard on himself.

2. LeBron told Bryce several things he did well during the game that had nothing to do with how well he was shooting.

3. He told Bryce he did a great job before hugging him and sending him off with his teammates.

It’s also important to note LeBron didn’t yell at Bryce, the refs, coaches, parents or any other kids. He took time one-on-one with Bryce and spoke to him as if he was the only child in the world who mattered. Also, Bryce is fully engaged with his dad the entire time. The best basketball player in the world and a lot of people’s favorite player behaved as if Bryce is his favorite player. That’s how it’s done. Like, share, subscribe and take copious notes on this one.

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