It’s All About the Journey for Jordyn Grimes

June 26, 2020

Written By: Tom Lange

For Jordyn Grimes, the best part about participating in sports is the fun of competing while having a good time with friends. She enjoys winning as much as anyone, but for her it really is all about the journey.

“It would be selfish of me to do anything to take away from teammates’ experience,” Grimes said. “Being selfless and always doing my best to demonstrate sportsmanship is the best way to make sports a great experience for everyone.”

That approach helped earn Grimes the $15,000 top award from the St. Louis Sports Commission’s 2020 Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarships.

She was a member of the basketball and track and field teams at Fort Zumwalt North. As a junior, Grimes started on the basketball team that advanced to sectionals for the first time in years. She suffered a seizure two days before the game and was hospitalized. Despite the disappointment of being unable to play, Grimes joined her teammates on the bench to provide positive energy throughout the game.

“My brother, Sean, has been a real role model for me,” she said. “He’s one year older and I saw him taking (Advanced Placement) classes and just always being so nice to everyone, making a positive impact on people.”

Grimes also cited her coaches as inspiring her.

“Every single one of my coaches in sports has had a great impact on my approach to sportsmanship,” Grimes said. “They were role models for me, too, and I am thankful for them.”

The pandemic resulting from Covid-19 cancelled her senior track and field season that was going to be one of anticipation and potential accomplishments.

“Last year, I came within 0.1 second from the school record in the 100-meter run, and the team won district for the first time since 1983,” she said. “All of us were really looking forward to achieving even better things this year, but all you can do is stay positive.”

Grimes plans to attend Webster University this fall, majoring in journalism.

“I participated in theater in high school and like being out in front of people. I think being a journalist can help me make an impact on the world.”

With her approach and track record so far, it’s likely to be quite a meaningful journey.


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