Hockeytown, Missouri

June 25, 2009

I know. It’s summer and the hockey season is over, but one of St. Louis’ all-time great athletes is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame. While the 2009 class includes hockey greats Steve Yzerman and Luc Robitaille, Brett Hull is in a class by himself. He scored 50 or more goals in five consecutive seasons with the St. Louis Blues (1989-1993). He was also the first Blues player to win the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP Award).

The term may be overused but Brett Hull was a transcendant athlete. I grew up in parts of St. Louis where people didn’t even know how to ice skate, let alone play hockey. Yet, we all knew Brett Hull. I watched Blues games as a kid out of pride. One of the best players in the world was our guy. Brett influenced a lot of kids to put on a sweater and lace up a pair of skates.

All sports have varying criteria for entry into their respective halls of fame. Nevertheless, there is one constant among truly great athletes – they inspire others to play. Brett Hull has been an an example of great character and great athleticism. Encourage kids to be great; not in stats or wins but in character. For character is the best skill an athlete can develop. It allows you to keep scoring long after you’ve stopped playing. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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