For Pops

June 22, 2009

Dad is the best. He was our first coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist. He taught us to be a student of the game. He showed us how to throw a football, swing a bat, make a free throw. Deep down, we wanted to succeed and make him proud.

I know every guy isn’t a great dad. We all know about the guys that do nothing for their children, but Father’s Day isn’t about them. Father’s Day is for Earl Woods, Richard Williams, Archie Manning, Mike Burgener, Charles Staley, Kim McMullin, Mike Juenger, Victor Huggins, Willie Laney, John Perry, Shannon Floyd, Frank Viverito, Chris Roseman, Thomas Folkl, Mike Wittmer, Dennis Snethen, Tony Thompson, Rennell Parker, Freddy Clark, Phil Schreiber, Monte Green, Marvin Smalley, Sean Noble, Marshall Cohen, Steve Nelson, and every other guy that has been simply Dad.

If this day crept up on you, don’t worry. Take your dad to lunch or dinner this week if you didn’t do something today. Call him and tell him how much you appreciate him. Don’t get too sappy though, he’s still the old man. Until next time…

Be a Good Sport!


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