Everything wrong with youth sports…in about 8 seconds

November 9, 2018

CinemaSins is one of the most popular YouTube channels around. The creators are two guys who love movies, but they’ve carved out a niche pointing out everything wrong with our favorite movies. It’s a comedic take on things like stuntmen and women looking nothing like the star, newspaper clippings that have little to do with the movie and massive plot holes. My personal favorite involves why didn’t Darth Vader know Princess Leia is his daughter when he stood next to her, but could sense Luke’s presence aboard the Millennium Falcon.

But I digress, there’s a lot wrong with youth sports right now as well. In eleven years with the Sports Commission, including dozens of events, over 70 Musial Moments assemblies, and almost 1,200 blog posts, I never dreamed the consequences of being an overzealous parent could be summed up in eight seconds. Well, I was wrong. A youth soccer dad ruined his kid’s playing experience in less time than…I honestly don’t know what. Eight seconds goes by so quickly. Anyway, here it is.

The reason the goalie is out of position as No. 8 sets up his shot is because the kid is talking to his dad. His back is to the action and instead of his dad telling him to turn around, he gets shoved to the ground by the old man. Dad’s selfish, silly and illegal move seemed to work at first as the shot was blocked, but the goalie couldn’t even enjoy that. The deflected ball landed right in the path of another player who scored the winning goal.

Does dad help his son up? Nope. Instead, he waves his hands his disgust and stomps off like you’d expect a kid to. There’s a solution to this behavior. Just do everything the exact opposite of this dad. Don’t distract your kids while their playing. Release them to the game. They’ll undoubtedly surprise you with what they can do without you directing their every move. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but don’t push them down under any circumstances. Better yet, have a seat on the bleachers with the other parents. Know your role and respect the others.

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