A Mother’s Dream

January 15, 2022
She left me today.
This day.
It was a Saturday, 28 years ago.
It snowed that day.
I miss her.
I miss telling her about…well…everything.
The crazy times in college.
I once fell asleep on a pool table in my dorm.
I blocked the basketball coach’s shot in a pickup game. 
He was BIG mad. 
I made it across that stage anyway.
The girls I dated, the adventures…
The blind date who’s been my wife for 20 years.
This kid. Her grandchild. God, she’d love her.
She’d hate that I call her Junior, though. 😂
She thought “Junior” was country.
That’s why I’m Solomon Alexander II.
I guess poor people can be bougie too.
She bought my first bat and glove. 
Showed me how to break in my glove with oil and wrapping the ball inside. 
She played catch with me in the summer when she was 50 and I was nine. 
She bought my first weight set. 
From K-Mart, I think. 
She encouraged and celebrated my good grades. 
She believed in me.
She saw beyond our situation.
She told me I would be POTUS.
She told me she loved me.
That’s why I ignore those who say I can’t.
I still hear her telling me I can and I will.
I miss her so much I want to disintegrate.
Instead, I gain the strength to move mountains.
The tears that should blind me, give me sight.
I’m alright, but I’m not OK.
I’ll never be OK.
I keep going because she’d want me to.
I have dedicated my life to kids because she dedicated hers to me.
I believe in myself because she believed in me.
I will never let her down.
I will make her proud.
So help me God.
This MLK weekend, find what inspires and strengthens you, then use your gifts to serve others. 
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