10 ways to improve sportsmanship in 2019

February 4, 2019

You can improve the quality of life in your community and on your individual sports teams by taking action. The St. Louis Sports Foundation has several programs for you to engage in and there are also things everyone can do that don’t involve programs at all. Here are 10 ways you can improve sportsmanship in 2019:

  1. Attend the Musial Awards.
  2. Say ‘thank you’ to your coaches, parents and volunteers.
  3. Complain less about the refs.
  4. Help a fallen opponent up.
  5. Book a Musial Moments assembly for your school or youth organization.
  6. Listen instead of just waiting to talk.
  7. Mentor a kid.
  8. Nominate a deserving high school senior for the Sportsmanship Scholarship.
  9. Stop yelling at people.
  10. Register for the 2019 Coach It Right! Baseball Clinic.
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