The National Sportsmanship Foundation
The National Sportsmanship Foundation


About the National Sportsmanship Foundation

JoshZ-14_600x600In late 2012, the St. Louis Sports Commission launched the National Sportsmanship Foundation to change the way society views and values sportsmanship.  The groundwork for the organization’s creation was established a year earlier when the Sports Commission was asked to take over management of the Citizenship Through Sports Alliance.  The Sports Commission and CTSA had been partners in producing the National Sportsmanship Awards (now the Musial Awards) since the event moved to St. Louis in 2005.  After developing a new strategic direction for CTSA, the Sports Commission rebranded the organization.  The National Sportsmanship Foundation was born.Mone-pitching_600x600

As a national movement based in St. Louis, the National Sportsmanship Foundation is focused on positively impacting youth through sportsmanship behaviors across the country.  The entity also produces the annual Musial Awards, which honor the legacy of Stan the Man by celebrating the greatest moments and stories of sportsmanship from around the nation.  By building better sports, the organization strives to help shape more productive, responsible and healthy adults for the future who will contribute to a more civil society.

According to research, 70 percent of kids quit organized sports by age 13.  The number one reason kids provide is that parents make it no fun.  The National Sportsmanship Foundation wants to reverse this trend by offering valuable tools and resources to parents and coaches so they can improve the sports experience for young people – ultimately keeping them active, healthy, happy and involved in sports.  After all, kids who participate in sports score higher in self-esteem and self-confidence.  They learn how to lead, compete under pressure, work hard and play as a team.

As it grows, the National Sportsmanship Foundation intends to develop education programs, conduct research, and serve as a convener for groups focused on sportsmanship and youth sports across the country.

St. Louis is regarded as a great place to raise a family; its fans are known as good sports.  So it makes sense for St. Louis to be the epicenter of this national drive.  The presence of such an important movement can ultimately enhance St. Louis’ stature around the country and can help the Sports Commission further contribute to the area’s quality of life.

For more information on the National Sportsmanship Foundation or to learn how you can support the movement, call 314-345-5120.skyline-blue-orange-yellow_600x90

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